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Medium, February, 2019 NYFW with Penny Karabey 

Luxury Next Season NYFW

Luxury Next Season knows that New York Fashion Week is the biggest annual event when it comes to fashion.

New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is arguably the biggest week in fashion, and takes place from February 8th — 16th, 2019. To take a look at the history of New York Fashion Week and give you the lowdown on what to expect this season, we get the intel from Luxury Next Season, a luxury fashion and lifestyle collective based in New York City, which brings the rarest and most highly sought-after pieces from around the world to the U.S. Market.

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Spotted Fashion, February, 2019 NYFW with Penny Karabey 

Luxury Next Season NYFW

NYFW with Penny Karabey of Luxury next Season

We caught up with our favorite New Yorker Penny Karabey to take us through her day to day for this season’s New York Fashion Week. She is the high-fashion owner and founder behind luxury fashion eCommerce collective, Luxury Next Season. LNS is where you can find the rarest and most sought after designer pieces from around the world. We asked her some questions about NYFW to get an inside scoop at what to look forward to the upcoming season!

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IdeaMensch , February, 2019 Luxury Next Season - Owner, Penny Karabey

Be creative in your style, don't follow the crowd.

Luxury Next Season Penny Karabey Interview

Penny Karabey is the owner of Luxury Next Season and is a trend-setter with a unique style and flair for the extraordinary. She is a Turkish American enjoying life in Manhattan’s Upper East Side of New York.

Penny is an entrepreneur who wears many different hats. She is also a jewelry designer who travels to her favorite locations such as Paris, Rome, Milan, Istanbul, and Geneva. During her travel, Penny Karabey finds inspiration for her jewelry designs. She also searches for luxury fashion pieces for clients that are difficult to find in New York.

Luxury Next Season brings luxury fashion exclusivity, and highly sought-after items to the New York market place. As a shopping consultant, she has an extremely high profile on Instagram featuring the “Outfit of the Day”.

Penny is devoted as a wife and mother. As a family, they spend their time at their Southampton home during their time off. They enjoy playing polo at the Southampton Polo Club. As an entrepreneur, Penny is a coffee aficionado, a computer engineer, and a certified fitness instructor.

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Medium, February, 2019 Luxury Next Season

Luxury Next Season on Street Style 

Luxury Next Season Street Style

Street style has been around for over 70 years and has only risen in the ranks of fashion royalty in recent years. With the invention of denim by Jacob W. Davis in 1873, this strictly utilitarian fashion choice became ubiquitous with a casual, relaxed, and cool lifestyle. Luxury Next Season — a fashion stop inspired by the stylish trendsetter, brings you the history of street style and how it has become the unstoppable force it is today.

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Inspire RY , February, 2019
Luxury Next Season - Founder, Penny Karabey

Penny Karabey is a New Yorker with a style all her own. As the owner of Luxury Next Season, a company that caters to those who cherish an exclusive lifestyle, Penny has provided access to some of the most elusive and hard to get items, including clothing and handbags. She is known worldwide as the go-to person for runway pieces not available anywhere else.

Penny runs her world from the Upper East Side, where she has access to all that Manhattan has to offer the fashion world. She never wears black, an oddity in her environment. She prides herself on bringing her own style into the collections she has to offer. Moreover, she gives her customers many options in creating their own visions.

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Madison Avenue Spy - Retail Therapy , January 10, 2019

Retail Therapy: Penny Karabey aka Luxury Next Season Interview

Retail Therapy is an old Mad-Spy column where we ask fashion insiders for their shopping secrets. Years ago, we featured Eva ChenAnna SuiLauren Sherman, and Norma Kamali. Today, we are bringing it back!

Penny (Pinar) Karabey started her career as a computer engineer. After several years working in IT, she realized that combining her love for fashion and her tech-savvy was a winning combination for success. Penny's online store, Luxury Next Season, spotlights top fashion trends from around the world.

The best part is that LNS offers authentic merchandise that can't usually be purchased online and sometimes you can even snag a discount. For example, LNS carries the very popular Dior Book Tote, the Fendi 'Defender' that hasn't even hit stores, and discounted Gucci. While you're at it, you might want to check out her Instagram. It's become one of our favorites.

Below Penny shares her stories about her prized wardrobe items along with how she avoids the regret of leaving something behind. Read below to find the full scoop and let us know what you think. We would also love to hear your thoughts about resurrecting the column and who you would like to hear from next. You can click here to read through more of our old Retail Therapy interviews.
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Mith Magazine, December 31, 2018

Luxury Next Season- NYC’s Unique High-End Boutique

LNS Q&A With MIth Magazine

We caught up with Penny Karabey, owner and proprietor of Luxury Next Season, a boutique dedicated to finding and selling some of  the rarest and most highly sought after pieces in the fashion world. A Turkish  transplant living on the Upper East Side, Penny breaks the mold when it comes to style, always wearing the latest in luxury fashion and bringing her own interpretation to trends. Influenced by her love of color, Penny never wears black!

 Luxury Next Season

MITH: New York is a city dominated by dark colors, especially black, What influenced your decision to only wear color?

Penny: For me, life is all about color. It can change the way you feel. I love that every color represents something different about me and I can express that, both to myself and to the outside world. The New York uniform is to wear black and it is something I simply can’t do. Color is too much a part of me, not just in my style, but also in other  find color in my hair, my home and in my jewelry designs. I tend to make all of my accessories bright. Green is almost always included somewhere in my outfits, I love that it is usually unexpected and it also looks fantastic with my hair and skin tone.  

MITH: With so many places to buy luxury goods, what sets Luxury Next Season apart from other retailers?

Penny: Luxury Next Season sells more than just readily available items, we supplement our stock with runway pieces that can’t be found anywhere else. Having worked in the industry so long, I have built strong relationships with top brands and I have access to pieces other retailers do not. In addition,  we are often the first retailer in the United States to receive certain pieces, making LNS the best place to look for rare or hard-to-find items. I sell the Luxury Next Season lifestyle, one of luxury and exclusivity, while at the same time having fun with fashion.


Find Penny Karabey on Instagram @luxurynextseason and at

All photography by Andrew M. O’Donnell Photo @andrewmodonnell

Article edited by Holly Glasser, Editor-in-Chief of @mithmagazine

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NY Times, Nov 7, 2018

What Gives the Logo Its Legs

Logomania is an obsession with no end in sight. Here’s why. By Ruth La Ferla

Luxury Next Season Press
Celebrating Fendi Mania at the Fendi store on Madison Avenue.
Penny Karabey- Luxury Next Season Credit Amy Lombard for The New York Times


At a party last month, Gabriela Silvarolli embraced the full Fendi.

Ms. Silvarolli, a stylist and designer, was swathed from her chin to her calves in the company’s signature double FF logo. Her turnout was excessive, she knew.

“As recently as a year ago, you didn’t wear logos,” she said. “You had to be discreet."

But a glance at the crowd at Fendi’s Madison Avenue flagship — matrons, films stars and assorted style-world moguls tricked out in Fendi logo regalia — persuaded her otherwise. “Nowadays everything is allowed,” Ms. Silvarolli said. “Nothing is too much.”

Fendi is among the latest in a raft of luxury labels to advance the proposition that too much is never enough. Emboldened by the success of logo-ridden skate wear brands like Palace and Supreme, high-end labels including Prada, Balenciaga, Valentino and Chanel have joined the stampede, their monograms stamped on everything from hats to hosiery and, with a nod to the 1990s, the elastic bands of men’s skivvies.

Chanel, Spring 2019.Credit Valerio Mezzanotti for The New York Times

It’s the trend that keeps going and going. This fall, fans of the hypebeast culture can choose from logo-embellished Balenciaga pullovers and embroidered Gucci slippers at Barneys New York, Off-White sweatshirts and camouflage jackets at Saks Fifth Avenue, and Vetements parkas at 10 Corso Como, the newly alighted Milanese purveyor of cooler-than-thou luxury wares in Lower Manhattan.

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