With quarantine and social distancing measures keeping us all inside, I’ve spent some much needed time in my closet visiting and evaluating my favorite pieces. I am fortunate enough to have amassed a rather special collection of handbags over the years and as I saw each bag, I reminisced of when I wore them and why they made my heart sing. As I selected my favorites from my wardrobe, I thought It would be entertaining to share them and ask others to show their #toptenbags.

Fendi Woven Zucca Medium Peekaboo

The Fendi Peekaboo remains one of my favorite handbags and when I spotted this bag on the Spring-Summer 2020 runway last September, My heart skipped a beat and I knew it had to be mine. The bag in question is a combination of my favorite color and my favorite print. Crafted of a green iteration of the iconic Fendi Zucca woven into a cannage style pattern, this bag is truly a showstopper. The medium Peekaboo is the perfect size work bag and I adore having a work bag that grabs attention.

Hermes Moutarde Birkin 35

The Birkin is undoubtedly the most sought after handbag in the world and I am fortunate enough to have picked up a few over the years. My most recent acquisition is a Birkin 35 in the most perfect shade of mustard. I picked up this bag on a recent trip to Europe and could not be any more satisfied with my purchase. The size of the Birkin 35 makes it a fantastic everyday bag but my favorite part of this bag is the color, I’ve never seen anyone else with it.

Fendi Velvet Medium Peekaboo

The first time I saw this Peekaboo my heart skipped a beat. The yellow psychedelic printed velvet is the background to japanese inspired flowers and sky blue velvet whipstitched trim, a combination like no other. Having a large bag in such a bold print makes a statement and everytime I wear the bag I get numerous compliments.

Dior Custom Oblique Book Tote

The Dior Book Tote has found its way onto the arms of everyone from celebrities to influencers and editors, quickly cementing itself as a must-have. I personally own a few Book Totes but my favorite remains the iconic navy Oblique version that is personalized with my name. The Book Tote is the perfect bag to travel with, I have it taken everywhere from the airplane to the beach. I believe that every girl needs a Book Tote.

Fendi Special Order Mini Peekaboo

This bag is perhaps the most special bag that I own. A few years ago Fendi presented me with the opportunity to special order a bag and I jumped at the chance. I chose a mini Selleria Peekaboo in my favorite shade of emerald green trimmed in a sage green crocodile. The bag is lined in yellow Selleria leather and features a silver plate personalized with my name. Everything about this bag is unique, it even came with a special note from Silvia Fendi herself. I use this bag sparingly as it carries such sentimental value but I take great pride in knowing that I am the only person in the world with this bag.

Dior Vanity Case

Vanity cases have taken the fashion world by storm in recent years with every brand from Chanel to Louis Vuitton sending them down the runway. When Dior announced the launch of a vanity case I knew I had to get my hands on it. It’s no secret that Dior’s iconic Oblique pattern has a special place in my heart and combining that with the shape of a vanity case created the perfect bag for me. I’ve added a chain strap to make the bag even more versatile and it now holds a permanent place in my wardrobe.

Bottega Veneta Cabat

Bottega Veneta’s Cabat has long been a classic of the brand, but when Daniel Lee took the reins at the brand he reinterpreted the iconic tote. My Cabat is crafted of a new interpretation of the brands intrecciato leather in the most divine shade of sunshine yellow. The Cabat is the most underrated bag from Bottega, it is an incredibly practical bag for work, travel and everything in between.

Bottega Veneta Cassette BAG

The Cassette is one of Bottega’s most popular styles and I couldn’t resist picking one up. Everything about this bag is luxurious, the construction is impeccable and the padded lambskin shines beautifully. The Cassette is one of my favorite smaller bags, it can be worn over the shoulder and crossbody, making it the perfect bag for weekends and is the perfect piece to elevate a casual look.

Dior 30 Montaigne Bag

Dior’s 30 Montaigne (named for the address of Christian Dior’s first store in Paris) is easily one of the greatest bags launched in recent years. The bag has become a permanent piece in the Dior collection and it’s easy to see why. The 30 Montaigne features a gold CD logo clasp and is available in both Dior’s Oblique canvas and full leather varieties. Versatility was clearly a priority with the bag, it features an adjustable leather strap that can be worn both over the shoulder and crossbody. I must confess to owning more than one 30 Montaigne, with my favorite being the ivory colorway. The perfect shade of ivory is perfectly complemented by gold hardware and it is the perfect summer bag. I just hope that I will get a chance to wear it this upcoming season!

Fendi Baguette Bag

The Fendi Baguette has been a staple in my wardrobe since the Sex and the City days. Arguably Fendi’s most iconic design, the Baguette was recently modernized and re-released. The new Baguette features two removable straps for both hand and shoulder carrying options. My favorite new Baguette is my zucca embossed velvet small Baguette. The jewel tone velvet mixed with the more casual shape makes the bag a great option to transition from day to night seamlessly. The bag looks incredible with a broad range of looks from casual to formal, I adore its versatility.