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EXCLUSIVE: Read Penny Karabey of Luxury Next Season’s review of the Fendi SS20 Runway at MFW

FashionWeek.Pro was delighted to have Penny Karabey of Luxury Next Season attend several NYFW shows in collaboration this fall fashion season.

FENDI SS20 // Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2020 Haute Couture Runway

In her first solo collection since the death of Karl Lagerfeld, creative director Silvia Venturini Fendi took her family’s in a refreshing new direction. Gone are the days of logomania at Fendi, the Spring-Summer 2020 collection was largely free of the brand’s iconic Zucca pattern, shocking to many as they are credited with having a large influence on the current trend of logomania. Instead, an air of understated elegance met a distinctive 70’s inspiration to create a collection that seems at home during the dawn of a new era of subtle luxury. Fist Collection after Karl left us and Silvia Fendi showed us layers, colors, prints, plaids and lots of amazingly cute tiny bags everywhere. It is a celebration of a new beginning bold and playful.

The ready-to-wear pieces in the collection largely stuck to a warm color palette of browns and yellows with a mixture of light pastel tones and white. Model Kaia Gerber walked the runway in a quilted pasted skirt and jacket skirt that would have looked at home on the set of The Golden Girls. Floral prints were presented throughout the collection in silk dresses and leather jackets. Also popular was a sheer gingham print worn over bathing suits and under jackets, presenting a subtle sexiness while maintaining a sense of sophistication. There was a clear focus on substance over flash this season at Fendi, the construction of the garments was clearly impeccable as was the leatherwork for which the brand is so well known.

One thing here to stay from Fendi is their peekaboo. Having proven itself as a fan favorite, the bag is now a Fendi classic and was not forgotten on the runway this season. The bag was shown in both a larger green tweed model and a mini in raffia with green trim, the latter of which will be a must-have for next summer. The iconic Baguette also made appearances, in the new micro-size as well as in raffia. As for shoes, there was clearly a priority of comfort, for which stylish women everywhere will surely thank Silvia Fendi. Grandma loafers were the shoe of the collection and were a refreshing departure from the usual sky-high stilettos seen on many runways. All in all Silvia Fendi’s first solo collection was an incredible success, and I am anxiously awaiting a few pieces to make their way into my wardrobe.

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