Dior Book Tote

Just because we all want something that’s no longer available- by the way, if something is not available then it’s my job to find that! And you know, I am good at finding sold out goodies- here’s something else to add to everyone’s bucket list. We are talking about this seemingly canvas tote that’s now sold out at Dior. Known simply as the Monogram Oblique Book Tote, this is just one of the other variations. 

Monograms. Yes, monograms. We became logo maniacs.  

Dior book tote requires more than thirty-two hours of work and over one million two hundred thousand stitches. In addition, this bag necessitated three different kinds of embroidery stitch.

Measuring some 41.5 cm by 32 cm, you can wear this fun versatile babe over the shoulder or on the crook of your arm, though I wouldn’t advise that if you’re planning to shop your week’s worth of groceries with it. Or use it as your gym bag. Or even to the beach. See, this one was truly versatile. Completely worth to invest in it.  

This tote is sold out worldwide, luckily Luxury Next Season is the only retailer who has this gem. Please contact us for personalizing option. 


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