Fendi Overload

Conspicuous consumption is back and logos are everywhere and none are more recognizable than the iconic Fendi Zucca. Created in 1965 by Karl Lagerfeld the “Zucca” or interlocking FℲ motif was designed to modernize the Fendi brand while making it immediately recognizable with a logo that embraced the spirit of the house. With the logomania of the 1980’s the Fendi brand exploded and it’s logo gained cult status, representing both luxury and aire of playfulness that Fendi is so well known for. 
After a brief hiatus, during which inconspicuous consumption was explored, Fendi has brought it’s iconic Zucca back, but with a twist. The Zucca is no longer just the standard black and brown canvas.
Fendi has reintroduced the classic Zucca print along with a black and white version into it’s ready-to-wear line through an array of luxurious coats, dresses, skirts and sweaters along with a line of socks and tights -embroidered with the classic motif and available through LNS- that are guaranteed to elevate any look.
Fendi has also reinterpreted the classic zucca in new materials such as rich velvet, plush mink and woven raffia along with the newly debuted zucca embossed leather into a line of beautifully crafted handbags and accessories like the blogger favorite Kan I -available through LNS - the almost impossible to find -Unless you know LNS- Petit Tresor bucket bag and an array of straps in all sizes, colors and materials, all bearing the Zucca.
Whatever Zucca piece pulls at your heart, make sure to find it at FℲENDI Zucca Collection on Luxury Next Season.

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