White Boots Reborned

Up until a few years ago, black boots pretty much ruled fall and winter dressing... and summer and spring dressing, too. But as we all know so well, things have a way of shifting from one extreme to another, and thus, the white boots trend was born. Or should I say, re-born.

White boots were a thing in the '60s when they were the go-to footwear for GoGo dancers and fashion enthusiasts alike. After that heyday, however, the style went dormant for a while (at least within the mainstream) until around 2015/16, when the renaissance they are still experiencing today began. Designers including Balmain, Narciso Rodriguez, Prada, Cèline, Vetements, and more championed white boots on their spring and fall 2016 runways, and their step into the daring color trend launched what is now the coolest season-less shoe

Like black boots, white boots go with anything, but they add a certain freshness and a certain pop of brightness to looks that makes them automatically look 10 times more styled and daring. We're used to black shoes grounding a look with a sort of visual weightiness, so when white shoes come in and really shake up the party, the effect turns heads.

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