A Trendy Classic?

Classic, coveted, elegant and expensive are all words conjured by thoughts of Chanel handbags…  but is trendy?

For the Spring 2014 collection, Chanel introduced the “Trendy CC” bag as a seasonal option. The “Trendy” caused quite a stir at its launch, being more expensive than both the iconic Classic Flap, and the Boy bag. The bag was thought of as the working woman’s alternative to the Classic Flap.  It’s shape, reminiscent of that of the Hermès Kelly, along with the versatility of having both a top handle and a removable chain shoulder strap made it remarkably more practical than its iconic sibling. With many flocking to buy the bag for work, many were skeptical of the durability of the bag, being constructed of lambskin. But as soon as customers held the bag in their hands, they clearly fell in love. The bag sold out worldwide almost instantaneously.

Chanel Trendy Bag Review by Penny Karabey

Chanel has since brought out the “Trendy” every year in a variety of sizes, variations and colors. Available in a small, medium and large, there is a size everyone from those looking to carry just the essentials to those needing room for paperwork or even an iPad. Chanel has released the bag in just about every color in the rainbow, from delicate pastel blues, yellows, and pinks to black, navy and the perfect shade of lipstick red. Also varying by the season and color is the hardware, versions have been created with silver, gold, ruthenium, enamel and even black hardware to satisfy those seeking an extra edge. 

 The “Trendy” quickly became a must-have for any Chanel enthusiast, being a rare combination of beauty and practicality. The flap of the bag features the iconic Chanel logo closure and a metal plate under the handle with “Chanel” engraved. Under the flap, the bag is shaped in an accordion style, maximizing both capacity and organization.

The “Trendy” has had such success that Chanel has released it in both a bowling bag style and a wallet on chain. Clearly the “Trendy” has become a classic. 

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