Covid 19 cleanning for handbags

As the world continues to face troubling times, I have found joy in the little things like being using some of my favorite bags. The pandemic has changed the way we function day to day. From wearing a mask to constantly sanitizing, social distancing and quarantining, COVID-19 has changed everything, including how I treat my handbags and which ones I carry these days! In recent months I, like many others have been far more aware of everything I touch and the possibilities of transferring germs and bacteria. I have begun being more selective on which handbags I use based on their ability to be cleaned. I find myself using leather bags more often than not these days as they are easier to clean and maintain than fabric or canvas. Of course on a recent trip to visit my Fendi Family I did debut my green woven zucca peekaboo, but otherwise I have been loyal to leather when I am in the city. 

I thought I may be the only one taking such precautions until the other day as I was walking I witnessed a woman putting hand sanitizer on her hand then wiping the front of her bag with it. My heart sank, I couldn’t believe someone would wipe a leather bag with alcohol based hand sanitizer! It could easily ruin the bag. Cleaning and sanitizing your bag is important, but so is maintaining it. Everytime I get home when I am in the city, I wipe my bag down with an alcohol free baby wipe. Alcohol free baby wipes are a must have for cleaning and maintaining your handbags, they clean them off, without stripping the leather of its natural oils and moisture. Using products with alcohol can affect the color as well as dry out the leather out the bag. I look at my handbags not only as pieces that bring me joy, but as investments. Bags are expensive and when I buy them I expect to own them for the rest of my life and I must do my part in maintaining them so that they will last.

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