Luxury homes

With all of the time most of us have been spending at home over recent months, I have begun to appreciate incorporating my love for luxury brands into my home. In the past I have discussed purchasing items like pillows and throw blankets from houses like Gucci and Dior. While brands like Giorgio Armani, Fendi and Versace have long produced homewares and furniture, it seems other brands are expanding even further from homewares like candles and china to throw pillows and now into furniture. Gucci remains my favorite in the homeware department. Their furniture pieces range from jacquard armchairs embroidered with the Gucci monogram and bees to embroidered dining chairs and trays. Many of the porcelain options from Gucci feature their “Loved” or “Hollywood” motifs, also common are the now iconic tiger and cats often seen on the brand’s knitwear. Also unforgettable are Gucci’s silk room dividers crafted in many of Gucci’s signature prints. While costly, they make an unforgettable statement and bring the ostentatious yet elegant spirit of the brand into the home seamlessly. Brands like Hermes and Louis Vuitton have also begun producing furniture, while clearly constructed of the best materials in the world, and designed like no other, both of these brands have pieces that range into the six figure price point, while Fendi and Gucci are at a much more attainable level. 

Many who are passionate about design already purchase beautifully made and often expensive furniture, but buying special pieces from one’s favorite luxury house is further committing to the brand and shows a deeper appreciation for luxury. I believe in incorporating luxury into all aspects of my life where I can. Being surrounded by beauty, especially at home is something I enjoy and take great pride in. My home is a reflection of who I am, as is my love for fashion, I now have a way to combine to two.

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