Are sweatpants pandemic trend or permanent?

Gone are the days of glamorous dressing on a daily basis, at least for most. But will they return? The COVID-19 pandemic has changed almost every aspect of life in the past year, including the way we work and the way we dress. With many working remotely or from home, many have swapped their blazers and Saint Laurent Stilettos for shearling slippers and sweatpants. Working from home requires a far more casual, and often more comfortable wardrobe. For someone like myself who gets fulfillment, joy, and inspiration from dressing my best and seeing others do the same, we are left wondering if this is the new normal, or a trend that will die with the pandemic?
Clothing in general has become more comfortable in recent decades as life became more casual. But where is the line drawn between comfort and style? Personally, I adore cashmere joggers, they are great for travel and running errands, I would never wear them to a meeting!

Even if the meeting is via zoom, I will wear the pieces I would wear to a meeting in-person. Dressing well is a form respect for myself and for others. When you feel love what you’re wearing, you are more confident and possibly more successful.

Others treat you better when dressed at your best. Was much be accomplished if everyone is wearing their sweatpants and slippers and they aren’t feeling as confident? I say no. I say dressing up will return, and with even more dedication. Many of us need to make up for lost time!

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