Meet Penny Karabey: Fashion Editor With The Golden Touch by Tush Magazine

NewYork, May 11, 2020

What’s your fashion IQ? If you asked Penny Karabey this question, the humble Fashion Editor may be hesitant to give you an accurate assessment. One look at the bright and beautiful outfits she puts together, though, and you can see she is truly a genius. The owner of Luxury Next Season has an uncanny ability to hone in on her clients’ very auras and produce for them colorful ensembles of highly sought-after luxury fashion pieces. Among tending to her many business endeavors, the entrepreneur hand picks items daily, never slowing down or faltering in her decisions.

Born in Istanbul, Turkey on November 3rd 1975, Penny started the company Luxury Next Season in Manhattan in 2015. Her business quickly became incredibly successful. What sets her choices apart from other fashion editors is her knack for securing the rare and coveted clothing and accessories her clients never even knew they couldn’t live without. She seems to be able to stay ahead of the trends, essentially making the big waves in fashion, or otherwise riding a new wave long before it ever begins to show signs of breaking. 

She admits that one key to her success, as simple as it sounds, is interacting with customers. Social media plays a pivotal role as the center of her web of communication, acting as a message and bulletin board for her clients to view and discuss the latest trends, styles, and pieces that she buys for her company. She spends the first two hours of her day just checking emails and using Instagram, building her ideas and snowballing concepts through multiple communiques. It’s quite the task to tend to all of her inquiries: through her hard work and uncanny abilities she has become known as the go-to person for providing runway pieces that just aren’t easy to find anywhere else.

Another aspect of Penny’s style and success that stands out is that she refuses to utilize the color black. In New York, this is practically the equivalent to refusing to eat anything that casts a shadow. The fashion phenom instead believes in implementing bright colors and bold patterns. “I believe that my business is the ultimate reflection of me, therefore I do not stock anything I would not personally buy,” she declared in a Markets Insider article on Rather than focusing solely on generating profits, Penny would rather take a loss if it means creating a style that greatly benefits her clients. It is her attention to the personal needs of her followers and her staunch observance of personal convictions that not only make her business strong, but establish her as a strong individual as well.

When she’s not presiding over her royal sphere of fashion influence, Penny Karabey is enjoying time with her family. When her son comes home from school, the ever-buzzing phone is turned off, and the two complete homework assignments and share quality time together. She even manages to find the energy to cook for her family every day. Penny is truly an unstoppable force.

As of this moment, Penny Karabey does not intend to change a thing about her approach to her business or her lifestyle. And why would she? Everything she touches turns to gold, or perhaps a brightly patterned rare fashion piece worth it’s weight in gold. 


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