Three Mistakes You’re Making In Trying To Achieve Work Life Balance by Forbes

April 8, 2020


 Internally Believing You Can’t Have It All

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of personal belief. Penny Karabey, CEO and Creative Director of fashion collective Luxury Next Season, noted that believing that you can indeed “have it all” is a major contributor to finding comfort amongst the chaos of balance. “Work requires a lot of me, but I also find time to dedicate to my husband and my son,” she shared. “Each of us can have it all - as different as it looks depending on our lives and the changing seasons of demands and responsibilities. It’s believing that we ‘can’t’ or internalizing society’s disempowering ideals around women in the workplace that can get in the way.” 

How often do you tell yourself you’re doing a great job? How often do you commend or find satisfaction in the days that DO go smoothly, or how you found a way to dart amongst changing priorities and needs at home or in the workplace? Reminding yourself that you can have it all - and you’re handling the “having it all” in a remarkable and inspiring way - is key to standing in your full authority.  Continue to cultivate this self-appreciation in little ways, even on the hard days.


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