Penny Karabey Of Luxury Next Season Reveals The Secret To Keeping Your Haute Handbag Looking Brand New By Haute Living

Everyone knows a designer handbag is a true investment, but how can you keep your luxury purse looking brand new 10 years from now?

We caught up with Penny Karabey of Luxury Next Season, a luxe fashion and lifestyle collective bas

Can you share some tips every women should know to help keep luxury handbags looking new? 

Luxury handbags are expensive and should be treated with respect. When not in use, bags should be stored in their dust bags and should be stored out of direct sunlight. Bags should also be stored with stuffing inside them to retain their shape. Try to keep expensive bags protected from elements like rain and snow (some bags even come with a raincoat!)

What are some hot fashions you are seeing this season? 

Neon is back and is everywhere this season! We are seeing it in everything from bags and shoes to apparel. As for handbags, the micro bag tend is still going with brands like Jacquemus producing bags barely big enough to hold a credit card. On the other end of the spectrum, we are seeing a huge trend in utilitarian features on bags. Fendi has introduced a version of their iconic peekaboo fitted with pockets on the outside of the bag to house various essentials, giving the carrier easy access. Many brands are also reinterpreting older styles or classics and offering them with more practical adjustments just as Fendi is doing with their baguette which now features two straps instead of the singular strap on the original model.

Luxury Next Season

Who are your favorite designers?

For bags my heart definitely belongs to fendi and Dior. I personally find so many of their designs appealing. My favorite Fendi shapes are the Peekaboo,Kan I and Baguette shapes and all three are staples in my wardrobe. From Dior, theLady Dior, Book Tote and Saddle bags have my heart. The Lady Dior is such a classic shape but it is often offered with beautiful embroideries or in monochromatic colorways. The Book Tote is by far the best tote I have ever owned, in fact I liked it so much I decided to stock it for Luxury Next Season. Lastly, I have loved the Saddle bag since its beginning and was thrilled when it was released again. When it comes to shoes, Balenciaga is my favorite right now, I love their sneakers and their mules.

Tell us about some of your personal favorite collections.

As a collector of many things it is difficult to pick which collection I am most proud of, but it has to be handbags, I have always loved handbags and have been collecting them for years. I am always drawn to unique pieces whether they are a special texture like velvet or are embroidered or bespoke. Some of my favorites in my closet include a made-to-order Fendi Peekaboo made especially for me and a beaded Dior Saddle bag. As for my favorite bag in general, it is the Fendi Peekaboo, I own more than a few dozen Peekaboos in various shapes, colors and materials and I can definitely say it is my favorite bag ever.

What are some inside tips women should keep in mind when investing in a designer bag?

My biggest piece of advice for those investing in designer bags is to buy what speaks to you. Don’t buy a bag just because it is the “it” bag, everyone is carrying it or because it’s classic. Buy bags that make your heart sing. As I said, bags are expensive, take care of them and they will last forever.

How did you get involved with Fashion Fights Cancer?

Luxury Next Season really spoke to me. It provides cancer patients and survivors an opportunity to express themselves through fashion and design disciplines and learn about the industry through engagement while also giving them an outlet and means of creatively communicating their feelings and experiences.

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