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LNS Q&A With MIth Magazine

We caught up with Penny Karabey, owner and proprietor of Luxury Next Season, a boutique dedicated to finding and selling some of  the rarest and most highly sought after pieces in the fashion world. A Turkish  transplant living on the Upper East Side, Penny breaks the mold when it comes to style, always wearing the latest in luxury fashion and bringing her own interpretation to trends. Influenced by her love of color, Penny never wears black!

 Luxury Next Season

MITH: New York is a city dominated by dark colors, especially black, What influenced your decision to only wear color?

Penny: For me, life is all about color. It can change the way you feel. I love that every color represents something different about me and I can express that, both to myself and to the outside world. The New York uniform is to wear black and it is something I simply can’t do. Color is too much a part of me, not just in my style, but also in other  find color in my hair, my home and in my jewelry designs. I tend to make all of my accessories bright. Green is almost always included somewhere in my outfits, I love that it is usually unexpected and it also looks fantastic with my hair and skin tone.  

MITH: With so many places to buy luxury goods, what sets Luxury Next Season apart from other retailers?

Penny: Luxury Next Season sells more than just readily available items, we supplement our stock with runway pieces that can’t be found anywhere else. Having worked in the industry so long, I have built strong relationships with top brands and I have access to pieces other retailers do not. In addition,  we are often the first retailer in the United States to receive certain pieces, making LNS the best place to look for rare or hard-to-find items. I sell the Luxury Next Season lifestyle, one of luxury and exclusivity, while at the same time having fun with fashion.


Find Penny Karabey on Instagram @luxurynextseason and at

All photography by Andrew M. O’Donnell Photo @andrewmodonnell

Article edited by Holly Glasser, Editor-in-Chief of @mithmagazine

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